Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Printing works

For those of you who doesn't know, I'm a musician. I mean, I study all arts, but I already got my BM a year ago and music is where I dig (way) further. However, I've been climbing the mountain of digital visual art for some time now. From video to photomanipulation, I'm there.

And also for some time, I've been trying to find good online places to print my graphic artwork. It's been hard to find a good one, but it seems like I've found a brochure printing company worth checking! Wholesaleprintingdirect.com (oosh, big name there) has some pretty good deals there. Of course, the bigger the quantity of prints, the cheaper it goes. But I really think these guys have a cheap brochure printing. Maybe it's time to settle down with one and only company...

I'm still to get their products, but I've seen some good reviews about them out there. So if you need their printing services, don't forget to check their site, at least, for a quick pricing! It's always a nice feature to have available.

PS: sorry for disappearing. I had major disagreements with my pc's motherboard for these weeks. I'll be posting a lot more now.