Friday, February 22, 2008

RSS Feeding

This is the first non-art post here. And I believe that most art blogs and sites don't talk about it either, which makes this post important.

If you're not web-savvy, you probably don't know what RSS is. Even if you are, there's the slight possibilty of not knowing. I've being using the RSS feature for over three months now (I know) and it really changed my opinion about it. RSS stands for "Rich Site Summary" or like some people like to call it: "Really Simple Syndication". RSS is good for a lot of reasons. Not only for readers but also for webpublishers.

It allows you to get the updates from a site on a small software (like FeedReader) or site (like Google Reader, BlogLines and My Yahoo). It works almost as an e-mail software. The good thing is: you don't have to visit every site you're interested in, because their updates are shown automatically to you. You don't have to provide your e-mail (although there is the possibility to subscribe by email too - here presented on the sidebar), you just have to add the feed url to your software/webbased reader. To do that, just click on the orange icon above.

Happy RSS-reading!

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