Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pink Floyd's The Wall (cinema)

The Wall (movie, 1982) is the full development of Pink Floyd's The Wall (album, 1979). The movie is a result of the thoughts of Roger Waters (PF bassist at the time), Alan Parker (director) and Gerald Scarfe (cartoonist) combined. It's 84 minutes long.

Why should it matter?
The Wall is about society imposing consecutive stings of pain on individuals. As a result of painful events, Pink - the main character - isolates himself behind a barrier, inside the Wall. Mixing isolation, frustration, alienation, cyclic aspect of life, corruption and redemption, The Wall is one of the most well-written modern artworks.

Bret Urick has written the most famous analysis for the The Wall movie in his site, The Wall Analysis. Many suggestions and additions have been made since he originally posted his analysis, completing what's probably the most comprehensive (and larger!) analysis for the movie.

Here it is the movie online on Imeem.

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