Monday, February 11, 2008

Books, books.

My bookshelf is full. Once again. I did buy 18 new books and I'm not in a reading-mood. I'm reading one of my latest acquisitions now, slowly, crossing references and this research has been consuming a lot of the time I originally set to The Inner Breath.

Good things are: the new art site I've been programming is now coming together. I believe that it will be, at most, a month before it's up. Also, the new books on Symbolism, Absolute Music and What are the arts for, are great!

Here's my latest read: What Good are the Arts? - by John Carey
Great book with insights on modern acceptance of modern art.

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Øyvind said...

Hey you! :) Eh did you buy 18 books in one day? What kind of books?

Btw I look forward to your new site, need a beta-tester? hehe