Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rob Gonsalves

[Still Waters - Rob Gonsalves]

Reader Oyvind has suggested some artwork in the previous message that reminded me of the art of Rob Gonsalves.

Rob Gonsalves (1959-) is one prolific artist from Toronto, Canada, with a large gallery of paintings and drawings that unite Magic Realism and a bit of Surrealism. During his childhood, Gonsalves was interested in drawing and learned perspective techniques, while starting to painting when he was about twelve years old. When Gonsalves was introduced to Dali, Tanguy, Magritte and Escher, he started painting his surrealist and "magic realist" images. After a great critique response in the 1990s, Rob Gonsalves has dedicated himself to painting full time.

I have found three nice galleries of his works on the web, which also sell them. Here they are:

Rob Gonsalves (official)
Progressive Art


machine-human said...

Thanks for the Rob Gonsalves link. Amazing work.

Erik said...