Monday, January 7, 2008

Suggest a reading

For quite some days, I've been searching the internet for sites (blogs or not) that share the same focus that The Inner Breath has. It's quite hard, though. Apart from the sites linked on the right panel, I couldn't find anything relevant. A lot of blogs on art news (as to 'new exhibits') but nothing regarding esthetics, consciousness and art. So, if you know a good site, share it here! Let's build a nice network!

You're all invited to share a reading, be it a blog, a full site, a book, an article, anything. :)


Oyvind said...

Hello Ren thank you for dropping by my blog. I have a feeling we might have the same taste in images and colors.

I too search for such sites but always end up finding an image here and an image there. Oh well. :)

Here are some :

A funny collection of art

Beautiful images

On that site (picmium) I've found a lot of beautiful images, and some not so but those can be ignored. :)

oyvind said...

Oh hi its me again. hehe

I stumbled upon another great site I hope you might like :