Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Thin Ice: the two sides of water symbolism

[Azure Fern - mArta Bevacqua]

For "The Thin Ice" (The Wall movie), Ulrick wrote "What he thought to be a warm, nurturing ocean turned out to be cold and sterile; the loving mother and the embracing life have become frozen and unyielding. The "sea may look warm" but it is, in all actuality, a layer of thin ice covering a frigid, aqueous landscape."

The thin ice that hides a "frigid, aqueous landscape" is a recurring image to the modern personality stereotypes. We all have some sadness hidden, still hurting, but we've still got our daily things to do, there's still rent to pay. Sometimes we think that one is quite happy for one's achievements, but there always is something hidden...

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