Monday, March 3, 2008


Since my last time at the bookshop, I realized that I had to organize my books somehow. And I know that most of you, art people, do like to read too (as you are reading this), so I thought of sharing this with you. It's one of the nicest solutions I've ever seen for bookkeeping and I wish I could do it at home.
This bookshelf-staircase makes it easier to keep your books, it gives you quick access to any book you'd like and it saves a lot of space from your bedroom or living room. You could also use plastic doors on every shelf (maybe except for the staircase itself) to keep them cleaner, although they'll be safe anyway. The good thing about it being as staircase is that you can reach the books in higher places and, of course, it keeps its original function: to reach another floor.
The bookshelf staircase was created by Levitate Architects, an English company based in London and Bristol. (via)


machinehuman said...

Soooooo cool! If I just had a 2nd floor...

Øyvind said...

Its an amazing sollution, it looks very good too!

Wish I could have an installation as that. :)

Tomas Karkalas said...

The "Bookshelf-Staircase" set me back in awe. It is not only the amazing solution - I have looked at the photo as at the wonderful artwork that touched me so deeply ... thank you. That's thought provoking picture - wow, my thanks are hundredfold - Thank you.
I am proud of inviting you to my art gallery
and would greatly appreciate your comments on my blogs
Thanks once again

Ami Cratz said...

that is really neat. I want that staircase.

Elise O. said...

Wonderful, I'll count on the present next year. =)

Wow! I want a bookshelf staircase. That's amazing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!